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I gave up sex... and you should too!
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I gave up sex... and you should too!

Shirley speaks to the Daily Mirror,

Life without sex would be unthinkable for most. But the UK celibacy expert Shirley Yanez has been saying no to sex for 10 years and says it’s made her happier – and look younger!

Shirley Yanez always makes an effort to look sexy when she goes out, enjoying the admiring glances she often gets from men.

But if the man chatting her up tries to get her into bed, he’s disappointed every time because Shirley went celibate 10 years ago – and says she will never change her mind.

“I am not a man-hater. But I believe not having sex is the way to true happiness and success,” says twice-married Shirley, 53. “So many women become obsessed with finding a man, always looking for love and worrying about whether they are good in bed.

“But, like me, many would find their lives much less pressurised if they gave up sex.” says Shirley one of the UK's only non religious celibacy experts.

And instead of it putting men off, she says they are more interested. “Whenever I go out, I always attract men. After all, I dress in a way that makes me feel good and that look is sexy,” she says.

“But as soon as a man starts chatting me up, I’m always straight and say immediately if they are looking for sex, it definitely won’t be happening with me."

Full Daily Mirror article can be found here:

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