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My Hunt For The Perfect Athleisurewear
Venus Cow Admin 6283

My Hunt For The Perfect Athleisurewear

I was walking around my local City Centre the other day shocked to see how many women still had see through cheap leggings on. There is nothing more unflattering, no matter how thin or amazing your bottom is, than being able to see flesh or underwear under your clothes. It is just not stylish.

When I designed the PBL perfect black leggings it was because I could never find a pair that did everything I wanted from, no see through, to fitting me comfortably and properly. I had spent years avoiding ever putting black leggings on my body, until Athleisure styling took hold in US and I'd quickly adjusted to this way of dressing for an active lifestyle in Los Angeles. All my clients loved beautiful clothes just like me but worked out every day and with busy on the go lifestyles needed a stylist who could think outside the box, not afraid to team a Louis Vuitton handbag with leggings and sneakers.

When I returned to the UK having lost everything expensive shopping trips were a thing of the past. One day I came across a French designer pair in a charity shop in South Kensington and fell completely in love with the quality and comfort of them.

Once the French leggings had been worn to death, I was back to hunting down the perfect black leggings for my athleisure looks once again and this was an even bigger challenge as by now every major High Street brands had gone down the “Made in China”, throw away, cheap fashion  route.

Being tenacious and determined in 2011 I took my old French pair to an established cotton knitter in the Midlands (after the decline in manufacturing over the last few decades one of the only one's left) and after 18 months in development I managed with the help of two very experienced cotton jersey knitters to create the same fabric locally. Then with the help of a skilled pattern cutter and a few design changes, my very own high quality, comfortable designer black leggings, that fit up to a size  to 22, for all women everywhere went into production. The rest is history.

My amazing no see through leggings proudly Made in the UK are possibly my greatest achievement to date. I wear my leggings all the time and when I go off piste and try a different legging for a change I always end up back in the PBL as soon as I get home. I have honestly not found a more comfortable black legging. And it's not just me that thinks so. Read what my loyal customers think.



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