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Promote Yourself
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Promote Yourself

The most effective self promotion is natural and real. Talking about and sharing your interesting plans, vision and life, day to day builds gradually solid momentum.

If you have something to say, want to get a message out or just need a free website for a new business, the best available free self promotion is to start your own blog. It is also great self therapy. Visit Wordpress or Blogger to get started for free. These site make it extremely easy even for a computer novice so don't be discouraged. My advice would be get the hang of a free blogging platform before considering paying for all the tools available (that you likely won't use initially) on a site like Squarespace

If you manage to stick to writing something interesting and original once a week, it's very important to be consistent so your audience knows they can rely on you, it won't take long before you are building your own loyal following. In fact the Hollywood Look For Less began as a blog on blogger.

Expressing your thoughts or opinions by writing them down and then sharing your knowledge with others, helps define who you are, builds confidence and mastering new skills makes you happy. Write an article, share your insight and become your own PR machine.

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