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Bling On A Shoestring
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Bling On A Shoestring

Diamonds are a girls best friend or so they say

Diamonds are a girls best friend or so they say. The truth is most of us will never own one big enough to shout home about. So how do you put on the ritz and get the glitz?

The glamour of the Academy Awards is all about bling. So how do we create our own red carpet Hollywood bling on a budget look and cruise through the credit crunch making our friends green with envy?

Venus Cow says, "Take a leaf out of Suzanne Somers' book."

Her collection of fabulous of Hollywood bling for less is the answer. Suzanne Somers jewellery is all about wearing fake with so much confidence no one will guess your diamonds are not real. You can order her collection online then say to your friends with compete honesty, your bling came all the way from Hollywood and you paid a fortune for it.

Even when I was really rich I never really got the point of real diamond studs, particularly after you lose one. I made my money in the 1980's when big jewellery, power dressing and glamour were all intertwined with endless champagne and men in pinstripped suits. Lots of jewellery designers like Butler and Wilson, Erwin Pearl, Agatha Paris, Kenneth Jay Lane, Monet from back then, pieces were signed and highly collectible now for their quality alone.

All the houses, Chanel, Dior, Givenchy, Versace are seeing a resurgence in sales of vintage costume jewellery reports Vestiare in the Financial Times with jewellery sales increasing June 2020 by 142% on the previous year. "In June, sales of vintage costume jewellery on the resale site Vestiaire Collective were up 142 per cent year on year."

It's no surprise after the world endured a pandemic we'd see massive shifts not just in business but also in personal consciousness. The practical side of shopping vintage and buying vintage is of course price but also in a world full of mass produced rubbish and a natural world buckling under the pressure of too much waste it's a logical shift for women who like quality and luxury.

Venus cow says, "Now for the real reason to fake it."

A survey conducted by the jewellery consumer opinion counsel (JCOC) in June, 2006 showed that 82% of consumers were still unaware of the film "Blood Diamonds" starring Leonardo Di Caprio.

Venus Cow says, "Watch it and learn."

Photo by: Carlos Esteves Unsplash

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